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FORTIFIED is a Muscle Health Formula which has been clinically proven in 3 separate studies. These studies have found that users of FORTIFIED have gained 8lbs of lean muscle in 12 weeks! How? FORTIFIED contains an ingredient that has been produced using proprietary low temperature technology, which retains the biological activity of peptides, proteins and lipids. Using this technology, FORTIFIED delivers 100% pure ingredients. The end result? Your body benefits from specific ingredients that target muscle. Build muscle faster, decrease muscle recovery times, heal muscle quicker and prevent muscle damage. Add the fact that the ingredients are 100% pure and you are double dipping. You get ingredients that target muscle growth and the fact that they are pure ingredients make it happen faster.
  • 15% Increase in Rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis

  • Gain up to 8lbs of Lean Muscle in 12 weeks

  • 24 Hr Muscle Recovery




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