FORTIFIED - Vitality 365

FORTIFIED - Vitality 365


* Clinically Proven Muscle Health Formula

* All Natural

* Gain up to 8lbs Lean Muscle in 12 Weeks

* 15% Increase in Muscle Protein Synthesis

* 24 Hour Muscle Recovery

"Your Body is Highly Complex. Your Health Care should address that Complexity"

Dr. Carmen Romano certainly thinks so. He has spent his entire life competing in sports, both amateur and professional, pushing his body to the max. While sports are behind him, the ex-athlete has honed his competitiveness on being a sports recovery physician who operates several Integrative practices. These practices treat thousands of patients ranging from youth athletes to middle age to the older generations. Each group is subject to the same philosophy; How do we address the individual chemistry of each patient to build lean muscle and faster recovery? That is why he is so passionate about his functional approach to medicine.....addressing all the factors that make up your life to see how they are affecting your health and well being. Whether your job, lifestyle, nutrition or hormones are leading to chronic health problems, or if being treated for symptoms isn't cutting it for you, it's time to try a new approach to your health care.


Dr. Romano's quest to achieve optimal Muscle Health drove him to create Vitality 365. Build muscle faster, decrease muscle recovery times, heal muscle quicker and prevent muscle damage. Dr. Carmen Romano has treated numerous patients including athletes (professional and amateur), everyday men and women of all ages by applying these principles with preventative and functional medicine. That is what led him to develop FORTIFIED, a product that will support your Muscle Health